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Feb 24


Do you know this feeling...? - "Come a Little Closer" is way more than a regular love song - it's an expression of our deepest desire to engage with THE significant one (or ones?) that we choose to cherish and love during our time here on earth. After our singer Moritz entered the band in late 2023, he decided to give the song what it deserves - the atmosphere of love, passion and desire. It´s the human spark that can ignite a deep connection, a journey through simultaneously physical & spiritual desire with the goal to create a unique fusion of souls.


The track was first jammed on guitar and bass in the pandemic time of 2021 and already included some beachy vibes, containing elements from reggae and surf rock. It's one of many faces that makes Naked On Palmtrees unique, because you never know what comes next - if it´s a beachy vibe in the first moment or suddenly a grungy alternative rock section within a next song. The musical inspiration for this track is based on dub reggae and surf rock, but mainly being put back in the alternative rock sound that Naked on Palmtrees aims for.

JAN 23

January 23

"Passion" was released as our first single in our old formation.  A ballad that leads the listener through a process of transformation. Despair finally converts to hope, lighting the fire of passion. The single was written in Summer 2022 and only the beginning of our journey as a band. 

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