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Our Story

About us

Freedom and individuality as the basic concept of songwriting - a discipline that many artists and creative minds try to master, finally humbling over restrictions from society, the music industry and genre-related limitations.

"We are more than done with that"  -  a mantra that leads NAKED ON PALMTREES through every single creative process.

Formed in 2021, the band project based in Frankfurt / Main, Germany has grown to four members finally.

The sound of the band is defined by the musical influence of each band member, giving them the chance to break the walls of habituality and constantly improve the listener's experience with new musical impulses. Starting with distinctive guitar and bass riffs and carried by alternating drum grooves, the band transforms familiar 90's alternative rock tracks into whatever is meant to happen next, adding vibes of funk, progressive, reggae, rap, and blues. There may be many ways to describe a genre, but let's put it into the term "crossover rock". 

Every band member puts a variety of emotions, influences and memories into the project. What comes out is something that feels beautiful, crazy and individual to listen to. 

The first result of this creative process, an EP consisting of three tracks, will be released in Spring 2023. At the same time, the band is working on recording the first full studio album in 2023 and planning to share their music on stage.

NAKED ON  PALMTREES have been working on song material since day one - and are finally ready to go out of the basement and spread love, tolerance and individuality with all the beautiful people in the world. Visiting a live show will create an intimate connection with the sound and the band, giving everyone the chance to find parts of their own personality in the lyrics and music. 

Let's break with conventions - together, everywhere, anytime!


Chris, Immi, Raghav and Matthew




The first official single "Passion" is released on January 17th on all platforms.



The Band is looking for a new singer and writing a lot of new music, adding a touch of fusion, progressive and hardrock elements to our main sound. 

The next step is to go to the studio in Spring 2023 and record the first full album. 



Mathew, our frontman, is leaving the band due to personal reasons. We fully understand and support his decision, on the other hand being sad about losing a family member. It may have been a short time, but for sure it was an amazing and intense time with many nice memories. We love you Matt!



We record our first EP including 3 songs at Electric Soul Studio in Ockenheim. The EP will be released in Spring 2023.



Matthew joins the band as our new singer and frontman. With him, we finally find a new family and band member and he's improving our songs with his clear vocals and his awesome flow. He showed up as an amazing personality with sunshine vibes, a great smile and lots of motivation, so we directly dived into polishing our songs with lyrics and  voice.



Raghav is joining the band as our new drummer. His amazing feeling for rhythm and his tom grooves perfectly fit our style and we can finally start riffing on our instrumental parts. Another perfect match from the first minute - Raghav directly connected with the rythm and melodic section.



Still acting as a dou, Immi and Chris start to make our first rehearsal room records, with Chris doing the drum and bass guitar parts. There is quite a whole lot of material, ready to be finished with new band members.



While working on Immi's song ideas and riffs, Chris is more and more playing bass parts for the home records, finding back to an old passion from his youth - the bass guitar. The process leads to Chris finally switching from drums to bass guitar.



Two guys from the Rhein-Main area in Hesse, Germany, are on their own paths, making music with passion, looking back on an amazing young past having played in decent bands from the region. Immi makes an online announcement, calling out for a drummer for his new project. Chris responds and after one jam, it's a perfect match. Based on Immi's awesome riffs and song ideas, both start working at the rehearsal room, establishing the band "Naked on Palmtrees" in March 2021. 

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